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Cookie Policy

What are Cookies?

They are small text files that websites place on the devices of people (mobile phones or computers) who visit those websites.

Cookies allows a website to remember your device and how you interacted with the website, which is useful. Cookies are used to remember your password and username for facebook for example. Cookies also provide custom advertising to users based on personal interests and interactions with different websites.

What cookies do we store?

We don’t store any cookies but we use Google services that store cookies – these services are:

Google Analytics – tool that measure the traffic to our website; it shows us how many visits our website receives and how long an user spend on our website, this service offers more tracking data that helps us understand which stock footages are proffered by our customers for example, so we can create more content that is useful for our audience.

Google Adsense – Even our website is free for the users we need to cover up our expenses and make profit, so we place ads on our website that are served by Google – in order to show you ads that are relevant to you Google might store cookies.

Basically all cookies that are stored to your computer are not stored by us, but from 3d party services that are mentioned above.